10/12/17 (email me with any questions/concerns at: susieltea@gmail.com)

A Goodwill Thrift store going into the space at 59th Avenue & the 101 that was previously occupied by Staples.  

On October 5, 2017, the Glendale City Councill APPROVED this Conditional Use Permit (CUP 17-08) with one caveat.  The current development agreement negotiated between the City of Glendale and the Developer/Owner of the Center states on pages 3 & 4 that the building strictly prohibits thrift stores & specifically mentions Goodwill. 

"16. The following uses shall be specifically prohibited from operating on the subject site: A flea market or business selling so called "second hand goods.....the meaning of "second hand" shall mean stores which sell goods primarily as a service to the public rather than to a retail customer for a profit, such as, by way of example, *Goodwill Stores*..."

The caveat is that the current development agreement would be amended to allow the Goodwill Thrift store.  The Glendale City Council will vote on this amendment on October 24, 2017. 

What are some of the reasons nearby residents are opposed to this move?  Please see this link: www.59and101.com

If you are opposed to Goodwill opening a thrift store in the vacated Staples, here is what you can do.

Go to this link & sign the opposition statement (it only takes a minute):  www.59and101.com

Personal emails and calls are important.  Here is a list of the council members & how to contact them. 

Note that there are three who will be running for re-election in 2018.  It may be a nice closing point in any emails to them to mention you are aware of this and are a registered voter. 

Mayor Jerry Weiers
Office: 623.930.2260
Assistant: 623.930.2262

Vice Mayor Ian Hugh
Office: 623.930.2246
Cell: 602.615.7672
Assistant: 623.930.2878

Councilmember Bart Turner  (up for re-election in 2018)
Office: 623.930.2243
Assistant: 623.930.2250

Councilmember Jamie Aldama (up for re-election in 2018)
Office: 623.930.2244
Assistant: 623.930.2250

Councilmember Ray Malnar
Office: 623.930.2245
Cell: 602.931.3408
Assistant 1: 623.930.2814
Assistant 1: 623.930.2816

Councilmember Joyce Clark
Office: 623.930.2242
Cell: 602.320.3422
Assistant: 623.930.2814

Councilmember Lauren Tolmachoff (up for re-election in 2018)
Office: 623.930.2247
Cell: 602.421.2194
Assistant: 623.930.2878

Pass along this information to others you know who may be opposed to this amendment. 

Finally, in addition to calls, letters and emails, your physical presence at the meeting would be helpful. You do not need to speak.  A large turnout would speak volumes on Tuesday, October 24th at 6:00 p.m. at Glendale City Council Chambers  (See map below)

There is much discussion on this topic at Nextdoor.com for those of us in the Arrowhead Lakes/Del Lago neighborhood.  But you do need to sign up to see the threads.  Below the map, I will post links to some of the threads at Nextdoor.com